is simple

all natural ingredients.

delicious sauce with heart

from ingredients to packaging.

we are committed to

becoming a truly sustainable business.

each bottle

you purchase

directly supports

local farmers

who grow the finest raw materials

for our range of innovative

spicetacular sauces.

most of the suppliers we partner

with have been part of the

mahi  family

from the very beginning.

we seek long term partnerships

we are devoted to building a

quality product that is as

tasty and healthful as it is

environmentally sustainable.

by integrating

known and developing conservation practices

the wider community.

we strive to deliver a product where the journey

from pepper to bottle is as good as the flavour.

mahi has made

a commitment to get to

100% carbon Neutral

and plastic free packaging by 2020!

we have already made great strides on our retail range,

only offering 100% recyclable

glass bottles from January 2019!