MAHI | Classic Vegan Peri Peri Burrito
MAHI | Classic Vegan Peri Peri Burrito 34

Well this week, we take a classic Central American dish and add a South African twist, with the Peri Peri Burrito. Ready to savour in a short 20 minutes (10 mins prep time and 10 mins cooking time). This dish serves 6 people.

Pre Time And Cook time

Prep Time: 10min
Cook time: 10min

    6 Flour Tortillas (gluten-free alternative if needed)
    1 Can Black Beans
    1/2 Green Pepper
    2 Tomatoes
    1/2 Red Chilli
    1/2 White Onion
    1 Small Red Onion
    1 Avocado
    Sour cream (or vegan alternative)
    3 tbsp MAHI Peri Peri Hot Sauce

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  1. Mash avocado, add salt and pepper to make some guac’ and set aside
  2. Cut all your veggies, add spices and a splash of MAHI
  3. Fry veggies, black beans and a little more MAHI sauce into a hot pan
  4. Take a tortilla and add all your fillings, topping with sour cream and guac
  5. Sprinkle over some fresh coriander (optional, of course!) 6. Wrap it up and enjoy!

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