MAHI | Spiced Aranchini
MAHI | Spiced Aranchini

Aranchini with chorizo style seitan, arborio rice, fresh basil, sun dried tomatoes, vegan grated mozzarella, cayenne and mint dipping sauce.


2x Cups Aborio Rice
1x Tbs Veg Stock
1x Bunch Fresh Basil
1x Pack Chorizo Seitan
1x Pack Panko Bread Crumbs
2x Cups Soy Milk
1x Cup Flour
5x Tbs Engivita
1x Cup Vegan Cheese
1x Clove Garlic
Lemon To Zest
MAHI Cayenne & Cayenne Sauce To Dip


Step 1) Making the risotto - fine dice shallots and mince garlic then saute in a pan with 1tbs of oil until soft. Add the white wine and cook off for 5 minutes on high heat. Add borio rice to the pan and stir continuously for 2 minutes. slowly introduce soy milk and stock a little at a time stirring continuously. Once rice is cooked and at the desired consistency add the engivita and cook through. Add vegan cheese and melt into the mix (add more milk if the mix is too dry). Add chorizo seitan (can be purchased at any good supermarket. Add diced tomatoes and chopped basil, a squeeze of lemon then salt and pepper to taste. put to one side and leave to cool.

Step 2) Once risotto is cooled fill up a bow with soy milk an inch or so deep and another bowl with panko bread crumb. Either using your hands or a melon baller, form the risotto into balls about the size of a golf ball (no larger or it wont cook all the way through) take the balls in your hand and dip into say milk ensuring the entire ball is covered. Then roll the ball in panko bread crumb until the entire ball is breaded. Once all of your balls are fully breaded set to one side.

step 3) Heat up a deep pan with enough vegetable oil to completely submerge the balls. (iuse a deep fat fryer if you have one) add the balls once the oil is around 130 degrees celsius (CAUTION DO NOT LEAVE UNATTENDED) carefully place each ball in the oil and fry until a deep golden brown (if you have a temperature probe ensure the centre is at least 80 degrees celsius. Leave to stand for 5 minutes then enjoy with dipping sauce.

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