MAHI | Faux Fish Burger
MAHI | Faux Fish Burger

Try this delicious twist on an age old classic; faux fish (banana blossom), curry batter, mint raita, okra fries, brioche burger bun all topped off with a drizzle of your favourite MAHI Hot Sauce - Bhut Jolokia.


Faux Fish Specs:
1x Tin Of Banana Blossom
1x Sushi Nori
1x Kombu


Curry Batter:
1/2x Pint Of Beer Of Your Choice
1/2x Pint Soda Water
1x Tsp Bicarbonate
1x Tsp Apple Cider Vinegar
1x Tsp Salt
1x Tsp Garam Masala
1x Tsp Turmeric
1x Tsp Curry Powder
1x Cup Of Flour



1x Cucumber
1x Red Onion
1/4x Bunch Coriander
1/2x Bunch Of Mint
1x Tsp Lemon Juice
1x Cup Vegan Yoghurt
1x Tsp Salt
1x Tsp Pepper


Tempura Batter:
250ml Cornflour
250ml Soda Water
Seasoning To Taste
200g Okra


To Finish:
1X Brioche Burger Bun
1X Peashoots



1. Faux Fish: First you wanna drain the banana blossom brine into a bowl or tub. In the same tub you want to add one sheet of kombu on the bottom. Then mould the banana blossom with your hands and squash it together to form a relevant fish shape. Slowly place banana blossom into the tub, then add a layer of sushi nori on top. Place in fridge and leave for 24 hours.

2. Raita: Grab a mixing bowl and all the fresh ingredients for the riata. Finely chop your cucumber ( scoop out the seeds otherwise your riata will be to watery ) and onion add to the mixing bowl. Then Chop your corriander and mint really finley, add to cucumber and onion mix. Then add your wet mixes, lemon juice and yoghurt. mix together really well and season with salt and pepper to taste.

3. Curry Batter: Weigh out all your ingredients for the Curry batter and add all the dry mixes into a mixing bowl. Then slowly add in your beer and soda water mix and keep whisking until all clumps have gone. You wont need to add all the wet mix, when you can make a figure of 8 using the drip off the whisk and you can see your starting point. thats when the beer batter will be perfect.

4. Tempura Batter: Add all ingredients into a mixing bowl and whisk until all visible clumps have gone.


5. Cooking: Theres 2 ways you can do this but it will always need a source of hot oil. It can be shallow fried or deep fried, depending what equipment you have. Grab your banana blossom from the fridge and then grab one and squeeze out any excess brine. Place in a small container of flour (this will ensure all the batter sticks to every surface) then add to the batter.


6. Cover every single bit of the banana blossom with the currry batter then slowly place into the fryer or shallow fryer. Whilst this is cooking, grab your okra and tempura batter. Add your okra into the tempura batter and mix well. Then slowly drop them into the fryer, when you have done this youll need to turn the banana blossoms so it cooks the batter on both sides.


7. Whilst waiting for the Faux Fish / Okra to cook, get your burger bun toasted. Once the banana blossom and okra are cooked, lift the fryer basket up and leave to drain the oil for 20 seconds. The place onto kitchen roll ( this will soak up any oil that didnt drain ).


8. To build this, you just wanna add a nice thick layer of riata onto the burger bun. Then add the banana blossom and a nice helping of the Bhut Jolokai sauce, top this off with some fresh pea shoots and then the lid of the burger bun. Then just grab a small bowl for your Okra fries and pair with any of the MAHI sauces.

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