MAHI | Pork Rib Seitan
MAHI | Pork Rib Seitan

Pork Rib Setian. tropical bbq sauce ( infused with the mahi sauce ), apple and celeriac slaw with whole grain mustard mayo.


Tropical Bbq Sauce:
200ml Pineapple Juice
3/4x Cup Brown Sugar
1/2x Tsp Garlic Purée
2x Tbsp Worcester Sauce
3/4x Cup Ketchup
1/2x Tsp Onion Powder
150ml Mahi Chipotle Sauce
2x Tsp Water
2x Tsp Cornflour

500ml Vegan Mayo
2x Granny Smiths Apples
1x Head Of Celeriac
100ml Whole Grain Mustard
Salt & Pepper To Taste


1. Go to any of these shops to find vegan style ribs (morrisons, m&s, waitrose, ocado or your local vegan health food shop).

2. Tropical bbq sauce: in a medium sauce pan add your brown sugar and pineapple juice. Bring to the boil then turn down to a medium heat, reduce this by 1/4, then add the rest of your wet mixes (minus the corn flour and water) and turn the heat down to a low heat.


3. Let this reduce for 10/15 mins. In a cup or small mixing bowl add your corn flour and water together and whisk together and add this mixture to the saucepan and reduce for another 5 minutes. The texture of the sauce needs to be nice and thick, if its still a little bit runny just leave on a low heat for an extra 5 minutes.

4. Slaw: Start off by trimming the celeriac so there is no skin left on it. Then grate it into a mixing bowl, you can have this as thick as you like or finely grated as you like (all preference). Then grate the granny smith apples into the same bowl. Add the mayonnaise, whole grain mustard. Mix together really well then add seasoning to taste.

5. Bringing the Dish Together: Cook which ever ribs you have decided to use, then in a small sauce pan warm up some of the Tropical BBQ Sauce. Add the cooked ribs to the sauce and let them get super sticky. Whilst the ribs and sauce are simmering away, place a nice amount of the slaw onto a plate or side bowl. Once the ribs are ready, place them on the plate and garnish with sesame seeds.

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