MAHI | Spicy Beans and Salsa
MAHI | Spicy Beans and Salsa

This is a wonderfully satisfying meal that’s easy to scale up and share with friends. Hot beans, soft pitta bread and a fresh cold salsa - what’s not to love!


1. Red Savina Habanero MAHI

2. 4 Fresh Tomatoes

3. Small Passata

4. 1 Red Onion

5. 1 White Onion

6. Tin of Red Kidney Beans

7. Pitta Bread

8. 1 Lemon

9. Dried Coriander

10.Olive Oil


1. Dice 4 fresh tomatoes and 1 red onion and put into a serving dish.

2. Cut a lemon in two and squeeze out the juice. Pour it over the tomatoes and onion.

3. Top the dish with a good shake of dried coriander and chill!

4. Next slice a white onion into nice big rings and drop into a pan with some olive oil.

5. After 5 minutes of stirring, add red kidney beans and perhaps another drop of olive oil.

6. Now comes the passata. Let it get warm enough to bubble.

7. Make way for the Red Savina Habanero MAHI! Add a really good helping to the beans.

8. While that keeps bubbling, slice a pitta bread into fingers and arrange in a fan on the plate.

9. Serve a big spoon of the beans on one side and some lovely cold salsa on the other.

10.Enjoy. From MAHI with love! 

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