MAHI | King Prawn Salad
MAHI | King Prawn Salad

Our version of a delicious King Prawn salad! This is a classic salad with a refreshing Asian twist - perfect for a summer Sunday lunch or for cheeky weekday snack - add marinade to taste!


10x Fresh cleaned King Prawns
4x Teaspoons of Peri Peri Mango & Lime Marinade
¼ Fresh Lime
A Pinch of Ground Black Pepper
A Pinch of Garlic Salt
1x Bag of Mixed Salad
1x Chopped Avocado
1x Spring of Finely Chopped Coriander
Sprinkle of Parmesan Cheese
½ Red Chilli Pepper
½ Red Onion


1. Add the Prawns, the Marinade to a bowl and mix.
2. Squeeze the fresh Lime into the bowl and mix.
3. Finally add the Salt and Ground Black Pepper and mix.
4. Once the mixture is mixed well, add the Olive oil to a pre heated frying pan and add the mixture to this. Lightly frying the mix for a 2-3 minutes.
5. Once fried, please the fried Prawns into a bowl with the Mixed Salad and mix with a spatula.
6. To create a delicious dressing the the Salad, add finely chip the coriander, finely chop half a Red Onion and chopped half a Red Chilli Pepper to a bowl with Peri Peri Mango & Lime Marinate (add to taste), mix then season the dressing with a pinch of Black Pepper and Salt.

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