MAHI | Cob Salad
MAHI | Cob Salad

MAHI corn on the cob salad is a remix on the classic American staple, using fresh and crunchy corn on the corn, seasoned with MAHI's Red Jalapeno dressing, this spicy treat will get you heated and treated in the that order.


2x Corn on the Cob
1x MAHI Red Jalapeno or MAHI Red Savina
1x Bag of Mixed Lead Salad
A Handful of Cherry Tomatoes
A Sprinkling of Parsley


1. Marinade the Corn on the Cob in MAHI Red Savina Hot Pepper Sauce
2. Add the Corn on the Cob to an Oven Dish
3. Add Cherry Tomatoes tio the Dish
4. Place the Oven Dish in a preheated oven at 200 deg C for 20 minutes
5. Remove the Oven Dish from the oven and plate up your Corn on the Cob with the Mixed Lead Salad.
6. Drizzle some more MAHI Red Savina to taste.

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