MAHI | Peri Peri Fish Tortilla
MAHI | Peri Peri Fish Tortilla

Fish tacos are all the rage, but we've done one better…we've got a Peri Peri fish taco all wrapped up in a tortilla! Tilapia fish, garnished with sour cream, mix salad leafs and a drizzle of MAHI's Peri Peri Mango & Lime marinade for an extra kick. Deliciously tasty!


2x Fillets of Fish (Tilapia works well!)
1x Jar MAHI Peri Garlic and Herb Sauce
1x Jar Sour Cream
1x Bag of Mixed Salad
1x Box of Tortillas


1.Marinade 2x Tilapia Fishes with MAHI Garlic and Herb sauce.
2.Take the Fish and feel free to cook it on any of the following; George Foreman Grilll, Oven Cook or Pan Fry till golden brown/cooked.
3.Heat tortilla wrap.
4.Place Tortilla wrap on plate.
5.In a separate plate shred the cooked Mahi Tilapia.
6.Add to tortilla wrap.
7.Add sour cream and sprinkle some cheese.
8.Add mixed salad.
9.Top with MAHI Mango & Lime Marinade (TOP TIP: all our marinades are cooked so can be used as sauces too!).

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