MAHI | Spiced Aranchini
Aranchini with chorizo style seitan, arborio rice, fresh basil, sun dried tomatoes, vegan grated mozzarella, cayenne and mint dipping sauce.
MAHI | Chicken Wings
A twist on the original American staple - goes well with any type of sports event and brewski or two.
MAHI | Lasagne
A twist on a Italian classic, we love lasagne and we love spice - surely the two together is a match made in heaven? ;-)
MAHI | Lamb Steaks
Chop's marinade is a chef's seasoning dream as it delivers a scintillating range of flavours (please read the ingredients list - its long!) which we struggled to find elsewhere on the supermarket shelves. In a show of irony and our British nature, we summarised it's complexity by calling it Chop's (you can still use it on veg, fish, chicken or soy!).
MAHI | King Prawn & Spaghetti
This recipe is going to channel the taste of Italy with the added twist of spice coming from Mahi Bhut Jolokia sauce, with all the wonderful mediterranean flavours this dish truly is a tastebud sensation but simple to and quick to create at home! Prep time- 5 minutes Cooking time- 15 minutes Serves- 2
MAHI | Spicy Chicken Burgers with a tangy Apple Slaw
One of Brock’s favourite meals is a burger! These homemade burgers are ideal for BBQ’s, simply marinade the chicken before hand and then they’re ready to go! That classic BBQ charred texture gives it that extra flavour! Or they’re great for a weekend meal when you’re having friends over. The spicy chicken pairs amazingly with the tangly apple slaw, perfectly refreshing to cool it down.
MAHI | Spicy Tuna Steaks with a Mango & Avocado Salsa
This dish is so easy to make but one of our favourites! The mango and avocado salsa is such a refreshing contrast against the spicy marinade on the tuna and the pomegranate seeds give it that extra burst of flavour! It’s a great dish for having friends over as its super tasty but you’re not busy in the kitchen for long.
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