Loaded Sweet Potato Skins
With their melt-in-the-mouth, sugar flesh, and delicious taste, sweet potatoes are a healthy way to satisfy your carb-cravings. They are a moderate source of calories and are packed with fibre and other nutrients that not only help you stay healthy, but also boost weight loss. This quick and easy recipe sees sweet potatoes stuffed with beands, chilli, vegan cheese, grated onions, drizzled with maple syrup and peri peri hot sauce. The dish serves up two portions in approx 60 mins.
A Hearty Pot
Feeling the winter blues? Buff up with some proterin with this quick and easy munch of prawn, sausage or soy!
Crispy Mock Chicken Strips
Add your favourite MAHI marinade sparingly so all the food has a coat of the sauce. Serve hot with some Crème Fraiche or sour cream to bring the fire and ice to your dining room table! This recipe can be used with any one of your favourite Mahi marinades! Read in less then 30 minutes, this dish serves 2.
King Prawn Salad
Our version of a delicious King Prawn salad! This is a classic salad with a refreshing Asian twist - perfect for a summer Sunday lunch or for cheeky weekday snack - add marinade to taste! A fresh, light and healthy salad with bursts of flavour. Top tip: If you're not a fan of prawns, substitute it for anything you'd prefer - chicken fillets or tofu - you choose! Cooking and prep time based on this recipe is only a short 15 minutes. This dish serves 1.
Low Carb Burritos
A well-loved Mexican-inspired dish for you to enjoy with a group of friends...without the heavy carbs!Get transported from london to the heart of maxico City with this special recipe,ready to savour in a short 20 minutes (10 mins prep time and 10 min cooking time).This dish serves 6 people.
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