Loaded Sweet Potato Skins
With their melt-in-the-mouth, sugar flesh, and delicious taste, sweet potatoes are a healthy way to satisfy your carb-cravings. They are a moderate source of calories and are packed with fibre and other nutrients that not only help you stay healthy, but also boost weight loss. This quick and easy recipe sees sweet potatoes stuffed with beands, chilli, vegan cheese, grated onions, drizzled with maple syrup and peri peri hot sauce. The dish serves up two portions in approx 60 mins.
Veg Chilli
A quick and easy snack for protein seeking practising chefs.
Peri Peri Fish Tortilla
A good tortilla are hard to beat but we've done one better.. we've got a peri peri tilapia all wrapped up in a tortilla!This scrumptious recipe uses tilapia fish , garnished with sour cream , mix salad leafs and a drizzle of MAHI's peri peri mango & lime marinade for an extra kick.Deliciously tasty and ready in less the 20 mins,this dish serves 2.
Bhut Jolokia Hot Wings
Serious spice hunters - look no further than our award-winning Bhut Jolokia Hot Pepper Sauce! Get ready to fire up your taste buds with a deliciously smoky sauce that will pack a mean punch to any dish, from breakfast to dinner. This quick and easy recipe will deliver a kick up the Bhut to any Hot Wings dish!
Pulled Chicken Tacos
This tasty dish will transport you to the heart of Mexico! The lovely of use of Mahi's fruity hot sauce - Tamarind & Mango - in Mexico cooking,is the perfect marriage of sweet and savoury.
Tuna Twist Noodles
This is a great meal to prepare in a hurry.Packed with flavour , it's a stir-fry with a MAHI twist!use beansprouts instead of those heavy carb noodles to get all the crunch , taste you need while tacking those hunger pains!
Sizzling Fish Cakes
Light fish cakes with a fruity sauce and a cool side dish. this tasty dinner can be half-prepared in advance,if you're pressed for time.it's great for using up left-over broccoli and rice.You can change the fresh fish to suit your taste or use frozen if it's more convenient.
Spicy Beans and Salsa
This is a wonderfully satisfying meal that's easy to scale up and share with friends. Hot beans, soft pitta bread and a fresh cold salsa - what's not to love!
Hash Brown Eggs Benedict
Perfect way to kickstart your weekend with a Saturday brunch at home with MAHI.its always a challenge to beat a good egg's benedict,especially when brunch might be your favourite meal of the day.This dish is super quick and goes from to plate in a short 25 mins. Va va room!This dish serves 2 people.
Salmon with a Peri Peri Pesto Crust
So this recipe makes 1 jar of dairy free pesto to go along with the salmon! Pesto is a super useful ingredient. It can be used in a lot of our meals and it's happy to be frozen and defrosted for a later time. it's great for a quick pesto pasta, used as a salad dressing or to spice up some fish! You can make the pesto dairy free using cashews or pine nuts. Though pine nuts are quite expensive in the supermarket and cashews are much cheaper and some say tastes even more yummy! In our recipes we're hoping to incorporate a few tips of more eco-friendly cooking, for example try and wash our veggies in a bowl of water rather than keep the tap running. Then take that water to steam the veg or use that water along with all the nutrients the veggies leave behind to water the house plants! So this recipe is super simple to make and really versatile. You can spice it up a bit by using the MAHI Peri Peri Hot sauce (voted Best Sauce - Quality Food Awards 2017) in with the rest of the ingredients to make the pesto. Along with the super fresh taste of the basil it really gives a spicy kick at the end, taking your palate to the exotic flavours of South Africa!
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