Wing Marinade

Wing Marinade


Who doesn’t like wings? With our Wing Marinade, you won’t just love your wings but fall in love with their rich taste. Made from using the finest herbs and spices, our marinade is made by our Sauceologists to make your wings taste better than ever before! Explore endless joys of taste and flavour with our exceptional Wing Marinade!

Weight: 200g
Barcode : 5060003830252

Water, Chilli Paste, Onion Paste, Rapeseed Oil, Salt, Mixed Spices, Citric Acid, Coriander Leaf Puree, Red Chilii powder, Ground MUSTARD , Ground Garlic, YOGHURT, Ground Onion, MILK Powder, Lemon Concentrate and Sabilizer: Xanthan Gum. Allergen:Mustard Yoghurt Milk.

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