How hot sauce can be used in your skin care routine

Skin care is an individual journey, it’s important to remember what works for one person doesn’t always work for another. 

And while there are instances where hot sauce and ingesting high quantities of chillies may do more harm than good, for example, redness, acne, and broken capillaries, there are many instances where it has the opposite effect. If you’re looking to integrate hot sauce and elements of chillies into your skin care routine, then here’s how you can.

The key to healthy skin?

For those who have a tendency to swim their food in hot sauce, they may notice one or two positive effects show up in their skin.

A few of those things include slowing down the aging process as well as protecting your skin from blemishes – this may seem contradictory, and it is. But that’s because you need to remember how skin is fickle in nature; what works for you, may do the opposite for someone else.

Reportedly, there are a range of antioxidants that are beneficial for your skin – one of the most notable being capsaicin and vitamin C.

It’s this latter compound that helps give your skin a boost. Vitamin C is most often used as way to even out dark pigmentation in the skin, as well as protecting the skin from any UV damage that it may have experienced.

While it may seem shocking that vitamin C is present in chilli peppers, it does, however, contain more than oranges do.

It is this abundance of vitamin C in spicy food (and hot sauce) that proves to be so beneficial to your skin.

A new avenue

If you’re an avid fan of spicy food, then it’s possible you may be tired of gaining the benefits of hot sauce and chillies through the traditional route – eating them.

In recent years, many people have experimented with various ways to reap the benefits of hot sauce without the need to ingest them. One such way is through skin masks and creams.

While you may not be able pick up a hot sauce skin cream at the supermarket, there’s nothing stopping you from making one at home.

One of the recipes we found online advises you to mix these ingredients together:

  • Honey
  • Eggs
  • Olive oil
  • Cayenne pepper

While you may want to use any chilli, cayenne pepper is often recommended because it is full of vitamin A, a compound most popularly known in the skin care community as retinol.

For those of you who don’t know, retinol helps to promote and boost the production of collagen in the skin – basically, the stuff that reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and is used in Botox treatments.

If cayenne pepper isn’t up your street, then try small amounts of ghost or habanero peppers as these are full of vitamin C.

Just remember, if something works for you that doesn’t mean it’s ideal for everyone.

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