Gone are the days of sad soggy sandwiches and bland ham and cheese fillings that make you feel like you’re on the losing side of a playground lunch trade at school.

We’re in the era of meal-prep madness where people young and old are pulling out all the stops to make weekday lunch time something to look forward to. While everyone else trudges out on their lunch hour, you’ll know better! Whether it’s the same old meal-deal from the supermarket or overpriced salad from the fancy coffee shop next door, we say no thanks to both! We have a far superior option; a delicious creation that packs a punch with a flavorful combo using our Mahi Peri Peri hot sauce and a plethora of yummy ingredients to make you smile. If this doesn’t qualify as a midday pick-me-up, we don’t know what does.



Mixture for Coated Chicken:Dry Mix:

  • 1 cup flour
  • 1 tbsp garlic powder
  • 1 tbsp smoked paprika
  • 2 pinches sea salt

            Wet Mix

            • 2 large eggs, whisked


            • 4 chicken breasts, flattened
            • Salt to season
            • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
            • 4 ciabatta rolls, cut in half and toasted
            • 4 tbsp of Mahi Peri Peri Hot Sauce
            • 2 handfuls fresh kale

            A handful of cherry tomatoes

            • 1 cup pickled onions


            1. For the breaded chicken: Pound out each chicken breast pieces until flattened
            2. Then cut each chicken breast in half so you get 8 smaller pieces
            3. Season with a sprinkle of salt.
            4. Heat oil in frying pan on medium pan
            5. Coat the chicken in the whisked egg and then coat with flour mixture until fully covered.
            6. Cook each cutlet in heated pan, turning so that each side browns. Ensure they are cooked through and set aside on cooling rack.
            7. Sauté the kale and tomatoes to soften, once this is done its time to assemble the sandwich.
            8. Take the toasted ciabatta and spread the mahi hot sauce on both sides.
            9. Add 1 chicken cutlet, some tomatoes and kale, then another other piece of chicken and a few picked onions.
            10. Press it all together and enjoy!

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